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Our Invitation to you

We boast a competent and effective pool of resources, a culture of continuous learning and celebration of diversity and a unique approach to law, to business and to building relationships with our clients.

Throughout our website we have also shared with you the artwork of some of Africa’s most celebrated artists; with all of this we invite you to:

Visit us so that you may come into direct contact with some of the paintings on our walls - physical embodiments of our passion for Africa, for skillful and meticulous execution of duties and for a spirit of beauty, diversity and uniqueness even in law.

Contact us that we may begin the conversation that will give you access to our unique services and resources.

About Us

Makhafola & Verster was established through the unlikely combination of two very different litigators - one, a mature and established barrister with a world of experience in, particularly, labour law; the other - a young, black attorney with a clear sense and view of the future - together possessing the energy to shape and pursue that future.

Flowing from the synergy brought about by the ability of the founding partners to harness the strength of diversity in their respective backgrounds and experiences,

Makhafola & Vester was established and has evolved into a respected and specialist firm particularly in respect of labour, credit and commercial law. With a presence in both Johannesburg and Pretoria, Makhafola & Verster has grown since 2006 to become a successful and formidable legal practice.